Mira Nair

Every frame and every scene has to have an intention.

FrameForm gathers a team of exceptional creatives for video and photographic production projects as well as education.

Complete dedication to the client, unlimited amount of creative energy, original approach, professional meticulousness, and international availability are just a few characteristics that ultimately generate a significant difference.

Video production

Once, the only platform for advertising with moving images was television, and only the wealthiest companies could afford the exceptionally high price of television campaigns.

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Fashion photography and model book

A top-notch model book is often a crucial factor in a client’s decision to engage a model in their campaign, making it a rational and essential investment in every serious model’s career.

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Portrait photography

You don’t necessarily have to be involved in modeling to invest in a collection of professionally produced photographs. Business profiles and social media also require quality photos. Your clients and followers will recognize the difference.

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Advertising photography

Sight is our primary sense through which we accumulate 90% of all information. Because of this fact, we say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a good photograph has exactly that effect on the observer.

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Food photography

In addition to exceptional knowledge of basic technical aspects, food photography requires a certain sensitivity of the photographer towards composition and color scheme of the frame, and often specialized skills related to food preparation and decoration – food design.

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Real estate filming

Today, more than ever before, business success related to renting or selling real estate directly depends on high-quality visual presentation, i.e., impeccable photographic and video production.

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Aerial filming

The bird’s-eye view offers an absolutely spectacular, magical, and extraordinary perspective on the world as it is today, thanks to drones, which are becoming increasingly accessible to the human eye.

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In our efforts to share our knowledge and experience with you, we have carefully designed high-quality programs for photographic and film education.

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