Wilbur Wright

It is possible to fly without an engine, but not without knowledge and skills.

Aerial Filming and Photography

Bird’s-eye perspective offers an absolutely spectacular, magical, and extraordinary view of the world as it is today, thanks to unmanned aerial vehicles/drones, increasingly accessible to the human eye.

However, aerial filming and photography are demanding and highly responsible tasks that require an educated and certified drone operator, as well as a skilled cinematographer and photographer. Otherwise, you will likely be dissatisfied with the results, and there is a very real possibility of physical harm to you and your property, along with the constant threat of substantial fines from regulatory authorities for non-compliance with legal regulations.

Once you equip the camera with wings, creative possibilities soar to unprecedented heights, with only your imagination remaining as the limiting factor.

Why choose our operator?

  • An academic film and television cameraman/photographer.
  • Holds certification from EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency, and CCAA, the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, regarding proficiency.
  • Registered with CCAA, the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, with registration number: HRV56871acfc345b-8f8.
  • Insured by Adriatic osiguranje d.d. in case of damage caused to third parties, with coverage up to 750,000 SDR / 974,411 Euro per occurrence and aggregate coverage throughout the EU.
  • Internationally available.
  • Exclusively uses the best currently available unmanned aerial vehicles/drones.

Selected clients:

  • Vila Sanja - Tinjan
  • Petram Resort & Residennces
  • AFN Apartments
  • Wolfgang & Dolly
  • Jaškapack d.o.o

Do you produce feature, documentary, or commercial films, music videos, prepare presentations for your real estate for sale or rent, organize important events, and have a need for attractive aerial shots? Contact us and request a quote.

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