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In our effort to share our knowledge and experience with you, we have carefully designed high-quality photography and film education programs.

Whether you want to become an excellent photographer, a creator of fiction or documentary films, a legal and skilled unmanned aerial vehicle/drone pilot – enroll in one of the offered programs available throughout the year.

Why choose us?

  • Academically educated instructors
  • Work in small groups of 5 to 15 participants
  • Evening and weekend lecture schedules tailored to students, students, and employees
  • Work with professional photographic and film equipment
  • Competitive program prices
  • Certificate upon completion of the workshop
  • Possibility of enrollment in the E-workbook
  • FrameForm EDUCATION membership – significant discounts on specific educational programs

Highlighted projects:

  • KINO KLUB ZAGREB, fundamentals of photography, camera, and lighting, 2007 – 2018.
  • FADE IN, film/TV lighting, 2007.
  • UDRUGA DOMAĆI, fundamentals of photography, camera, and lighting, 2009.
  • ADRENALIN PRODUKCIJA, fundamentals of photography, camera, and lighting, 2010.
  • 4 FILM, fundamentals of photography, camera, and lighting for high schools in Vukovar, 2011.
  • ŽIDOVSKI FILMSKI FESTIVAL in collaboration with Branko Lustig, fundamentals of photography, camera, and
    lighting, 2012.
  • FRAMEFORM, fundamentals of photography, master workshops in nude and fashion photography,
    documentary, feature film, film camera, and lighting, 2018-2021.
  • DRUŠTVENI CENTAR PREČKO,, feature film workshop for elementary school students, 2021.

Currently available programs:



Date: February 13, 2024 – March 5, 2024 / Tuesday and Thursday / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Address: Center for Culture and Information Maksimir, Lavoslava Švarca 18, 10000 Zagreb
Maximum number of participants: 15
Workshop organization: FrameForm in collaboration with the Center for Culture and Information Maksimir
Instructor: Almmir Fakić, M.A., academic film and television cameraman
Price: €195.00

A one-month workshop designed for complete photography beginners. Participants are taken on an enjoyable and leisurely journey through the history of photography, introduced to photographic equipment – cameras, lenses, continuous and flash lighting, etc. We explore the meaning of basic photographic terms such as the exposure triangle, composition, teach how to practically and creatively apply acquired knowledge in location and studio photography – documentary, portrait, fashion, product, and food photography. Additionally, participants will learn the basics of post-production of photographic images using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Although participants do not need to own their own professional or semi-professional photographic equipment to successfully follow the program, we recommend acquiring it – a digital camera with one or more interchangeable lenses.

Program and lecture schedule:

First week

February 13 / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Short history of photography
  • Photographic equipment

February 15 / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

  • Exposure elements
  • Types and applications of photographic lenses
  • Depth of field

Second week

February 20 / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

  • Light sources and lighting fixtures
  • Light color temperature and white balance
  • Composition of the frame

February 22 / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

  • Practical application 1 – portrait and fashion photography

Third week

February 27 / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

  • Practical application 2 – product and food photography

February 29 / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

  • Pre-production – preparation for shooting the final project

March 2 / Weekend – Saturday / 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

  • Production of the final project – studio photography of the selected theme

Forth week

March 5 / 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

  • Image processing 1 / basics of working in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Issuance of workshop attendance certificates and FrameForm EDUCATION membership

Apply for the photography workshop/course and reserve your spot.

The maximum number of participants for the photography workshop/course in one cycle is 15.


Upcoming Workshops:

  • Two-day masterclass workshop/course in fashion photography
  • Two-day masterclass workshop/course in nude photography
  • One-month workshop/course in fiction film
  • One-month workshop/course in documentary film
  • One-day workshop/course in unmanned aerial vehicle/drone operation – aerial filming and photography

Fill out the contact form and receive the latest information on available workshops and their schedules, as well as upcoming workshops, to secure your spot on time!

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Workshop participant reviews

“Great atmosphere, mentors are knowledgeable and friendly. They have a lot of expertise and experience, and they know how to convey it excellently to others. I recommend it to everyone!”

Anja Klanfar

“A dynamic, interesting, and interactive course for anyone looking to enter the world of photography. With Almmir’s patience, dedication, approachability, and creativity, each participant has the opportunity to express themselves through the final photo production, creating motivation for new and different challenges in photography. I am happy and grateful for the whole experience and meeting new wonderful people. See you again at one of the workshops!”

Ivana Pavić

“Almmir Fakić is a person who allowed me to sprinkle 10kg of flour in his studio for the needs of a project shoot, without once pausing or thinking, ‘what on earth.’ I’m writing this not to write a cliché like ‘…at FrameForm studio, every idea is possible…’ but it’s true. Thrilled with the workshop, and signing up for every next one!”

Filipa Beroš

“Excellent workshop! I recommend it to anyone interested in photography; this workshop will turn that interest into a genuine passion for photography, guaranteed. The atmosphere is great, you will learn a lot, and all at a very reasonable price. P.S. If you’re unsure which camera to buy, Almmir will find you one with the best price-to-quality ratio, and during the workshop, you can use the real ‘beast’ he has in the studio, along with all the other equipment.”

Ella Kravchenko

“A fantastic course for a group learning photography, whether they already have their own camera or are looking to get one. In just a few weeks, you can acquire all the tools to create a perfectly lit and composed image. It feels more like a gathering of friends with the added bonus of learning very useful information, rather than a course where one person talks and others passively listen. I particularly liked the immediate practical application of what was learned after the theoretical part because things connect right away and fall into place so that you can use them in the future, instinctively. After the course, you gain an awareness of photography, how to set and determine things to achieve the desired result, which is simply a winning combination for future photographers. So, head to FrameForm if you want to photograph like a boss!”

Terezija Jerković Bjelajac

“Learning from someone who lives what they do is always a blessing that reminds you that the only purpose is to do what you love. The selfless sharing of one’s knowledge and gained experience with professional equipment (that you don’t even need to own) in a fully equipped studio is a value that makes the initial affordable investment in the Basic Photography course invaluable. With a relaxed and friendly yet professional atmosphere, photography enthusiasts will step into the world of creative creation, where an exciting experience of their own creation awaits them. Give yourself or your loved ones an experience that will remind you of how important it is to do what we love. Thank you, instructors!”

Latica Ivković

“I attended the introductory workshop My First Frame, but also had the opportunity to absorb Mr. Fakić’s knowledge on other occasions, and I have only words of praise! An extremely professional yet relaxed approach in a stimulating atmosphere is something rarely found. All my recommendations for Almmir and Ivan! I hope they will continue to enrich little minds and, at the same time, be there for some casual conversations and coffee.”

Maglica Lys

“I attended the Basic Photography course, and I am thrilled. The atmosphere is entirely relaxed, and the lecturer is a top expert. The course fee is ridiculously low, and the knowledge gained in that month is worth its weight in gold. In the first hour, I learned how to turn on a DSLR camera, and after a few weeks, I captured this portrait. I recommend the course to all photography enthusiasts because there are many practical tasks, including a full day of shooting with a professional model in the studio.”

Filip Smoljan

“I would definitely recommend the FrameForm course to anyone interested in photography. The guys introduce the world of photography in a very interesting, simple, and dynamic way. It’s not just an ordinary course; it’s a place where, along with newfound knowledge, you can gain new experiences and even develop a few friendships. In addition to knowing a lot about photography and film, Almmir and Ivan are excellent hosts who strive to create a warm and homely working atmosphere.”

Matea Validžić

“Incredibly patient, flexible, always in a good mood, and mentors armed with knowledge. Long story short: Go for it, people!”

Kristina Barišić

“I definitely recommend Frame Form! The studio is excellent, with a pleasant atmosphere, top-notch equipment, and a professional team that excels in their work. You can see that they enjoy what they do; whatever you request or ask, they will realize and help with everything. Highly recommended! Whether you want to learn everything about photography and shooting or need a photoshoot or video, you don’t have to hesitate; they are the best choice.”

Maja Grgoić

“Definitely a course that leaves no one indifferent because Almmir’s laid-back yet highly professional approach and enthusiasm for photography are infectious, encouraging participants to embark on new explorations and challenges. The course is well-conceived: theory intertwined with photography exercises and lighting, which ceases to be a mystery. In the end, instructor Ivan demonstrates how to ‘fix’ our photos in Photoshop. Almmir is an approachable and playful lecturer who wants to reveal a new world to his participants, making it unlikely that someone’s camera will end up on the shelf again, waiting for better times after these months.
Of course, the adventure doesn’t end here because… thanks, Almmir… we’ll probably ‘bother’ you with photography and camera questions for a long time.”

Sandra Bibi Ribi

“Excellent studio, friendly professor, pleasant atmosphere, and the best team. Almmir is an excellent teacher who patiently and determinedly introduces us amateurs to the world of photography, lighting, and composition. As a bonus, Ivan teaches you a lot about Photoshop and how to edit photos. A month of great fun, lots of new information, and practical execution. After everything, we are more than confident in our knowledge and ability to venture into the world with a camera in hand. Warm recommendation to everyone!”

Croatian Lensman

“I am truly delighted with the Basic Photography workshop. Photography has become extremely interesting to me in the last few years, and I decided to take a course to learn more than tutorials on the internet. I was pleasantly surprised by the theoretical and especially practical knowledge I gained from Prof. Fakić. He is extremely approachable and professional, and the atmosphere in the newly renovated, fully equipped studio is relaxed and wonderful. I warmly recommend anyone interested in photography or those who have bought a camera and don’t know how to use it properly to join this workshop and enter the world of photography a bit more seriously, funnily, and creatively. Professors, a big thank you for your knowledge and friendly approach.”

Dora Šikulec

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